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prescription drug fraud

Recognizing Prescription Drug Fraud

Protect your rights if you’ve been charged with prescription drug fraud

Prescription drug abuse continues to take a massive toll on society, fueled in part by prescription drug fraud. Obtaining these drugs through illegal means is unfortunately very common, and in many cases, rather easy. Both patients and doctors can commit this type of crime. It can be difficult to defend yourself against charges of prescription drug fraud, and it helps to know what this crime entails so that you have a better understanding of how to deal with this type of accusation.

Fraud like this can take very obvious forms, such as forging your doctor’s signature on a stolen prescription pad, or lying about a condition to get medication you’re addicted to but truly don’t need for its intended medical use. Doctor shopping is a very common form. In doctor shopping, you visit several doctors to get multiple prescriptions or to get a prescription when your regular doctor has refused to give you more of your chosen drug.

Doctors who write fake prescriptions for themselves or who impersonate another healthcare provider for the purpose of issuing prescriptions are committing prescription drug fraud, too.

Some forms of prescription drug fraud may be confused with persistence in the face of a doctor who won’t listen. For example, if your doctor refuses to prescribe a drug for you, and you go to another doctor to get that prescription, that could be misconstrued as doctor shopping even if you truly felt you needed the medicine and that the first doctor just wasn’t taking you seriously.

If you’ve been charged with prescription drug fraud, you need to contact Eisenberg Law Offices at 608-256-8356 as soon as you can. This is a serious charge that could have terrible effects on your life and that could make it harder for you to seek treatment. You need the help of a good lawyer to successfully fight these charges or get a less severe sentence.