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Reduced Charges After a DUI Arrest

Fight DUI charges to save your right to drive If you are convicted of driving under the influence in Wisconsin, you face significant penalties. Even for the first offense, you can face license revocation, forfeitures, education requirements, and much higher insurance premiums. For this reason, you will want to fight any DUI charges. If you can’t have charges dismissed entirely, you should try to reduce the charges to a lesser offense. You need experienced, effective counsel to achieve this. The Evidence at Arrest One way to approach a reduced charge is to look at the evidence of your DUI. A blood or breath test result close to the legal limit can create doubt as to your blood alcohol level at the time you were driving. Someone who is overly tired or suffering from diabetes or other conditions may appear drunk or under the influence of drugs when other factors are at play instead. Circumstances of the Arrest Your attorney may also challenge whether the arresting officer had probable cause to pull you over in the first place. If there was not a good reason to stop or test you, you may be able to defend yourself on these grounds. This may provide a point on which to negotiate or to fight to dismiss the charges in their entirety. Negotiating with the State After a DUI arrest in Wisconsin, the prosecutor may be willing to negotiate the charges. Attorneys like the experienced team at Eisenberg Law Offices work regularly with prosecutors. They understand not only how to present the best case at trial, but how to work with prosecutors beforehand to reduce your charges whenever possible. A DUI conviction can significantly affect your life in Wisconsin. Even your first offense creates consequences that last for a long time. Before you accept the charges, give us a chance to protect your legal rights.]]>