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Road Rage Assaults Can Lead to Serious Criminal Charges

Road Rage incidents explained by Madison WI Criminal Defense Attorney

Driving on busy highways and city streets can lead to tension between you and other drivers. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to aggressive, dangerous driving that causes an accident or gives way to a physical altercation. If you assault a person in this situation, you become subject to criminal charges that go well beyond the costs of repairing the damage to your car and the car of the other driver. Our Madison WI criminal defense attorney provides insight to road rage incidents.

How Road Rage Occurs

Any time you drive a vehicle, you must understand the responsibility you have to other drivers. A car is dangerous, and if you let your temper get away from you, you endanger yourself and others. The result can be dangerous or even deadly.

Before you start driving, make sure you are mentally prepared. Other drivers will often cut you off, drive too close, or drive faster or slower than you prefer. Plan your schedule to account for this, and take a deep breath before you begin. You cannot control other people on the road, but you can control yourself.

Assault Charges

Sometimes, unfortunately, our moods make self control more challenging. When you engage in dangerous driving that causes an accident, you can be charged with assault or reckless endangering of the safety of another with your vehicle. Further, getting out of the vehicle and engaging that person physically subjects you to assault, battery, and disorderly conduct charges that lead to fines or jail time, depending on the severity.

In most road rage incidents, both drivers are at fault in some way. The more you can calm yourself, both while you are driving and after, the better your chances of avoiding problems. If you do let your anger get the best of you, though, step back and relax. If you get out of your car, calm down and take a deep breath before you address the other driver.

Finally, if you do let the situation get out of control, you will need legal help. Call Eisenberg Law Offices, and we will help you defend against assault, battery, or other road rage charges after a road rage incident.