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Illegal drug possession charges

The Many Ways Drug Crimes Could Involve Minors

Drug charges where minors might be involved can bring more serious penalties

Drug crimes can involve minors in more ways than you might realize. Wisconsin is particularly tough on these crimes, even going so far as to consider just having a minor nearby when the crime is committed as enough to expand charges and increase penalties. The state also increases penalties even if you didn’t know the minor was actually a minor. In other words, if a minor has anything at all to do with your crime, including just being present, you’re looking at a lot of extra penalties.

Crimes where minors are present are considered felonies. Depending on the crime and the role of the minor, you could face between 10 and 45 years in prison with fines of up to $25,000. The more active the minor in the crime (for example, having the minor distribute drugs, giving drugs directly to the minor, or having the minor take part in making the drugs), the longer the potential prison time. Even if the crime doesn’t involve drugs themselves, such as giving drug paraphernalia to a minor, you could face prison time and fines.

And these charges are on top of the charges you’d face for the crime itself. You can face prosecution for both the main crime and the fact that it involved a minor, further increasing the potential time in prison and the fines you may have to pay. The state is serious about keeping minors away from drugs, and it shows in the state’s decision to link severe punishment to several types of drug crimes.

If you’re facing drug charges and have been accused of committing the crime while a minor was nearby or involved, contact Eisenberg Law Offices immediately at (608) 256-8356. This is a very difficult situation, and you need good legal representation to help you deal with the charges and possible sentencing.