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Verbal Abuse and Domestic Violence | Wisconsin Criminal Law

When Verbal Abuse Crosses the Line Into Domestic Violence

Domestic violence may dominate the headlines, but verbal abuse is more common and can quickly cross the line. When that happens, what may have begun as a simple argument can attract the attention of the police and lead to charges.

Verbal Abuse and Domestic Violence in Wisconsin

Verbal abuse can qualify as a crime in Wisconsin, especially if it falls under the definition of harassment. Harassment is illegal in the state and is defined as: “repeated acts that harass or intimidate another person and which serve no legitimate purpose.”

Such abuse can be considered domestic violence if the victim is threatened with pain or sexual assault or if any property was destroyed or even threatened with destruction. It is easy to see how an argument can get out of hand and result in more serious charges.

Signs of Verbal Abuse

No relationship is conflict-free and arguments are normal, but there are some indicators that an argument is more than an argument, it is abuse. Here are some warning signs:

  • Name-calling, condescension, and derision
  • Frequent yelling or screaming
  • Attempting to humiliate the person
  • Claiming the abuse was “just a joke”
  • Always blaming the victim for the arguments
  • “Kitchen sinking” or constantly throwing anything and everything into an argument
  • Arguments or fights occur only in total privacy
  • Unfounded accusations and criticism that is unconstructive
  • Sulking, pouting, isolating themselves or the victim, withholding from the victim
  • Gaslighting
  • Threats of violence and breaking things

Occasional arguments happen in every relationship, but if it happens over and over again or follows a certain pattern, there is a more serious problem.

Consequences of Verbal and Domestic Abuse

The first consequence of such abuses is typically having a restraining order or order of protection filed against the abuser.

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