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commercial truck accident

What To After a Commercial Truck Accident

Steps to take following a commercial truck accident

Accidents involving commercial semi-trailers and passenger vehicles are an entirely different animal from accidents involving cars and pickups only. The large size and massive weight of a semi create a bigger risk of more severe injuries. The steps you take after a truck accident mimic what you do in any traffic accident to an extent but also take on more urgency.

  1. Get people to safety, tend to injuries, and call emergency services. Injuries may be so serious that you won’t have time to do anything else until emergency services arrive. Get everyone out of the path of oncoming traffic if possible, but be aware that some victims may not be able to move or be moved safely. If the truck driver is able to walk and help out, he or she should have emergency tools like cones or flares, and should be able to call for help.
  2. Call the police and remain at the scene. Even if you think you’re OK — even if you weren’t hit — stay and talk to the police. Your information could help the police determine fault and also figure out the cause.
  3. Trade what information you can. If you were involved and you and the truck driver are able, trade all the typical information — insurance, license numbers, contact information, and the like. If a driver is unconscious, record the license plate of the vehicle and other information like makes and models.
  4. Get or provide witness contact information and take pictures of the scene. Those involved in the accident, as well as the police, should get contact information from witnesses.

If you were one of the people involved in the accident, contact an attorney who can represent you if you go to court over medical and other accident-related costs. Eisenberg Law Offices can help you whether you’re seeking additional insurance payouts or have other costs stemming from the accident.

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