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Madison Law Firm helps defend against White Collar Criminal Charges

White Collar Crime Is More Serious Than Many Realize

In Wisconsin, white collar crimes are taken seriously

White collar crime tends not to involve violence — in fact, it has a reputation of being almost “boring” to the average person — and that means that many don’t realize that white collar crime is serious. Most people understand that fraud and embezzlement are not minor, but there is a disconnect between perception and reality when it comes to these types of financial crimes. However, white collar crime definitely is not as minor as its reputation makes it seem.

Crimes that fall under the white-collar label are financial and usually seem almost unobtrusive — you don’t know anything’s gone wrong for a while. Fraud, embezzlement, and tax evasion are examples of white collar crime.

Fraud can range from creating fraudulent charities or impersonating financial institutions to setting up fake rental ads and taking people’s deposits. Insurance fraud has been around for a while, and a range of fraud perpetrated over the internet is now a common occurrence. Embezzlement involves skimming or diverting funds from their intended purpose or destination and using those funds for personal gain. You often hear of cases such as when someone at a foundation siphons hundreds of thousands of dollars from the foundation’s general fund over 20 years, but embezzlement can be a one-time event as well.

As for tax evasion, that’s exactly what it sounds like — someone trying to avoid paying taxes through illegal tactics. There’s nothing wrong with taking deductions, using tax-deferred accounts, and making other tax-saving moves allowed by law, but you can’t hide income or willfully misreport profits and losses. Additional types of fraud involve hiding assets in bankruptcies, forging checks, and other money-related illegalities.

Courts treat fraud and other white collar crime seriously, and if you’re facing these charges, you need help immediately. Contact Eisenberg Law Offices at 608-256-8356 to speak with a lawyer.