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Wisconsin Domestic Violence Abuse | Domestic Violence Crimes

These 4 Types Abuse Are Considered Domestic Violence Under Wisconsin Law

Domestic violence laws in Wisconsin are comprehensive and harsh for offenders. It is crucial to build a strong defense when facing allegations of domestic violence and that starts with a thorough understanding of what kinds of abuses fall into this category.

4 Categories of Domestic Violence

Most people recognize domestic crimes as occurring between spouses, but it can extend beyond spousal relationships to live-in partners (or former live-in partners) and between adults who have a child together. The crime is classified by the type of abuse that occurred. Wisconsin defines domestic crimes into four categories of abuse:

  1. Physical. Physical abuse is any type of behavior that is violently inflicted on another such as biting, hitting, kicking, slapping, or shoving.
  2. Sexual. Sexual abuse may be any type of sexual behavior or actions that happen without consent.
  3. Emotional. Emotional abuse usually takes the form of attacks on the victim’s self-esteem or self-worth.
  4. Economic. Economic abuse happens when victims are coerced into giving up control over their finances.

Physical and sexual abuse are the most commonly reported of the four, but this is primarily due to a lack of awareness that emotional and economic crimes may also qualify.

Allegations Do Not Mean Guilt

Just because you have been accused of a domestic crime does not mean you will be found guilty. Evidence must be provided such as witnesses, medical or financial records, or photographs. The histories and actions of both parties will be examined closely. This deep examination is necessary because a guilty verdict will have long-lasting and far-reaching consequences for the accused.

If you are facing charges, contact the criminal defense attorneys at Eisenberg Law Offices immediately. Prompt and early actions can protect your rights and ensure your attorney has all of the facts of the situation available to them early in the case. Early defense is the best defense in these situations.

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