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Steve Eisenberg - Madison WI Personal Injury Attorney

$290,000 Settlement for Recalled Knee Implant – December, 2017

Personal injury settlement for defective knee implant – Wisconsin

In December, 2017, Attorney Stephen J. Eisenberg settled a claim with a medical device implant provider for $290,000. An Eau Claire, Wisconsin man underwent a left total knee arthroplasty, or knee replacement, in 2014. The implanted knee did not provide any bone ingrowth on the tibial component resulting in a defective implant. The implant device was later recalled by the medical device provider. The client underwent a subsequent knee revision surgery to install a new knee implant. The client sustained $40,000 of lost wages. Medical expenses were approximately $100,000. The client recovered from the revision surgery well. The case was settled with the medical device provider for $290,000 without a trial.