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4 Ways to Protect Your Brakes and Avoid a Car Accident

Avoiding a car accident just takes some effort on your part

Most car accidents on Wisconsin roads are preventable. In particular, when you protect your brakes and use them correctly, you are doing a great deal to protect both yourself and other drivers. Take care of your car and those around you, and you can help make the roads safer for everyone.

1. Anticipate Your Stops

Every time you have to slam on your brakes, you wear them down a little faster. In addition, you make yourself vulnerable to others behind you who may not be able to stop on time. If you are approaching a traffic light, slow down to ease into your stop.

2. Pay Attention to Those Behind You

If you see someone following you closely, you can do things to protect both them and yourself. Make sure you have space between you and someone in front of you so you have room to slow and stop. If the other driver is too close, tap the brake lightly to help slow that person down. The more space you can keep around you, the safer you will be.

3. Don’t Over-Brake

Brakes wear down over time. When you hit the brakes more often, this happens much more quickly. Keeping space around you and keeping within the speed limit help you limit the wear and tear on your brakes. You will extend the life of your system and make your drives less stressful along the way.

4. Know and Maintain Your System

Finally, understanding your brakes helps you all along the way. If you have an antilock braking system, you should apply the brakes differently from if you do not. Regardless of the system you have, getting your brakes checked every time you have an oil change can help you stay ahead of problems. If you wait till you hear them grinding, you are making your vehicle less safe and more expensive to repair.

At Eisenberg Law Offices, we want you to stay safe when you drive. Sometimes you can’t help what other drivers do. If someone causes an accident in the Madison area, call 608-256-8356 or contact us online today.