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documenting personal injury expenses

5 Ways to Protect Your Personal Injury Case

Steps to take for your Wisconsin personal injury case

Winning a personal injury case means patiently following a long road. You will undoubtedly feel pressure to settle early: from the insurance company’s lawyer or insurance carrier, but also in some ways from your own family. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to work with your lawyer and set yourself up for success for your personal injury case in Wisconsin. 

1. Avoid Settling Early

If your injury comes from an auto accident, at someone’s home, or in a public place, chances are an insurance company will call you sooner rather than later. They will run calculations and offer a settlement amount to avoid trial. Do not sign anything they give you until you have had a chance to discuss it with your attorney. 

2. Keep Quiet

The less you say or post online about your health, your injury, or your case, the better. The opposing attorney will often search for evidence that your injury is not as severe as you claim. Avoid giving reasons to doubt your case.

3. See Your Doctor

On the other hand, you do need to build a positive record of your claims. After your injury, you should see your doctor for a thorough examination. Some injuries may not be obvious. Further, a documented treatment plan helps show what damages you have suffered.

4. Take Notes

Over time, it is easy to forget critical details from your accident. The better you document what occurs over time, the more easily you can recall later what happened and how you felt. The opposing attorney may use what you forget to suggest you are not being honest.

5. Be Honest

Of course, the other half of this is that you need to be honest: with your attorney and with the court. Never try to embellish what happened or how you feel. A personal injury case is designed to compensate you for what you deserve. Being caught in a lie will almost certainly harm your case.

The attorneys at Eisenberg Law Offices can help you win your Wisconsin personal injury case. Do what you can to help yourself as well.