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OWI attorney Madison WI

Always Seek Legal Help After an OWI

If you’ve been arrested for an OWI in Wiscosin, seek legal help immediately

An OWI often feels like a settled issue from the moment you get your ticket. Before you just accept your fate, you should know what you face. The penalties for an OWI are steep. If you work with an experienced OWI attorney, you have the chance to reduce or sometimes even eliminate those penalties. Before you give in, consult an attorney for help with your case.

Consequences of Conviction

An OWI conviction hits hard. You face fines and points on your license at a minimum. In some cases, especially with multiple OWI convictions, you may have your license suspended or revoked, and face jail time as well. With all of this, the impact on your family, your job, and your future employment prospects becomes hard to overstate. You should seek legal help before you accept these consequences.

Opportunities to Dismiss

Fortunately, being charged does not have to be the end of the story. An experienced attorney can work through the circumstances of your charge in ways you probably cannot. If the officer did not have sufficient evidence to pull you over or obtained evidence illegally, the charge can be dismissed. If you have a health condition that might have affected your test results, you may be able to demonstrate that the readings are not enough to convict you. You cannot assume that the officer on duty did everything correctly; an attorney can give you the opportunity to avoid the penalties an OWI would otherwise bring.

Defenses Available

No one can promise that you will not be convicted of an OWI offense. If you don’t try to fight it, you will never win. If you have been charged with an OWI in Wisconsin, contact Eisenberg Law Offices, online or at (608)256-8356. Our attorneys will look at your case in detail, and give you the legal defense you deserve.