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Using Social Media After a Car Accident

Use social media with caution after a car accident

Social media activity is a part of everyday life. If something significant happens to you, you might be tempted to immediately post about it: your thoughts, emotions, and any pictures you have. When that something is a car accident, you need to be cautious. Anything you post can become evidence an insurer uses to deny or defend against your claim. Keep your posting to a minimum to protect your recovery.

Direct Evidence Against You

The most obvious issues come if you post information that works against your injury claims. Pictures of you out golfing when you have a back injury, or other material that undermines your claim, can stop you from recovering damages. Similarly, anything you write that suggests you are trying to trick the court or insurer into giving you money will create problems for you. You may be joking, but it will not read that way if you are in court.

Inflammatory Posts

You may use social media to vent frustrations or anger after an accident. This may feel like it can’t hurt you, but an insurer or defense lawyer can easily use these to try to argue bias. If you write something that makes you look like you are seeking revenge rather than just the recovery you deserve, that could work against you too. Don’t post anything that gives the other side a way to damage your claim.

There Is No Private

It doesn’t matter whether you have social media accounts set to private. If you post anything about the accident, you will have to turn it over before you get to a trial. Further, investigators often find ways to reach material that you think is private. If you post to social media, you should assume you are posting for the whole world to see.

Social media accounts can be fun and therapeutic. When it comes to preparing an injury claim, you just need to avoid posting about your accident. If you’ve been injured and need representation, contact Eisenberg Law Offices today, online or at (608)256-8356.