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Any Car Accident Can Cause Serious Injuries

Contact a Wisconsin Personal Injury Attorney if you’ve been in a car accident

When you think of bad car accidents, you likely envision a crushed or burning car, or perhaps a multiple car pileup on the highway. While these create significant damage, they are far from the only accidents that occur. Depending on the circumstances, an accident that looks minor from the outside can create life-altering injuries. If you are in a car accident with another vehicle, whatever the damage to your car, you should consult a doctor and a Wisconsin personal injury attorney to protect yourself.

Every Accident Is Different

Car accidents do not occur the same way every time. If you get into an accident, the way you are leaning, the way the car shifts, or the way your head moves can all impact your health. A foot caught under a pedal or a bump to your head can injure you permanently. You may know immediately, or you may discover the problem days or weeks after the accident. The people involved, the vehicles involved, and every nuance of what happens affects whether and how a person is injured.

Personal Injuries and Property Damage

The injuries you suffer may have nothing to do with the damage to your vehicle. Sometimes people walk away from accidents that look horrendous with barely a scratch. Other times, what looks like a routine fender-bender can leave a life changed forever. The potential for serious injury exists every time an accident occurs, and ignoring the signs can make it even worse. A person who does not visit a doctor soon after an accident may not even know the extent of injury until it is too late.

Legal Protection in Wisconsin

The number of vehicle crashes in Wisconsin has risen every year since 2012, reaching over 129,000 in 2016. Most of these fall into the minor crash category, but that does not mean the consequences are not real. Every crash brings the potential for serious injuries. If you have been through an accident, contact a physician immediately, and then contact Eisenberg Law Offices to protect your legal rights.