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Illegal drug possession charges

Are There Alternatives to Jail for Drug Offenders in Wisconsin?

Drug diversion and treatment alternatives instead of jail time

Treatment Alternatives and Diversion programs (TAD programs) help drug offenders receive treatment instead of locking them away. Drug crimes vary in severity, and some, such as distribution or smuggling, can land you in prison. However, if you were convicted only of possession or using drugs, jail and prison may not be the best places for you. Instead, treatment could be what you need, and in Wisconsin, it is possible to be placed in a TAD program instead of prison.

Why Treatment Is Better

No matter how normalized drug use has become, it’s still detrimental to your life. Your health can suffer, you could lose your job, and your family and friends could leave you over your behavior. Unfortunately, drug use is addictive – it’s not something many people can just stop because they want to. They need help, and if you’re in this group, you’re not going to find that help by sitting in prison.

Wisconsin recognizes this and allows judges to place offenders in these TAD programs if the judge decides the offender would improve with treatment. The offender has to want to go into the program, too, but given how crowded prisons can be, a diversionary program would likely seem like the better option even for those offenders who weren’t interested initially in treatment.

In Wisconsin, treatment programs are run at the county level and may have different focuses. Some may focus only on drunk driving; others may focus on treatment for both drug addiction and mental health issues. Yet others combine treatment with employment counseling.

Your lawyer can help advocate for you to enter a diversionary program instead of being sent to prison. Contact Eisenberg Law Offices at (608) 256-8356. Our lawyers can help you evaluate the benefits of a TAD program given your situation.