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Why and When Do the Police Have to Know About My Car Accident?

Do I have to report a car accident to the police?

Wisconsin laws require you to contact police after you’ve had an accident if the accident meets certain conditions. Even if it doesn’t meet those conditions, you may still want to call the police. Getting a police report after an accident can help your insurance company handle payouts more accurately, and if the accident results in a court case, a police report could be the key to getting personal injury compensation.

Wisconsin Requirements

There are three specific circumstances in which you have to call the police after an accident. If anyone is injured, you need to call; if you damage a vehicle or property to the tune of $1,000 or more; or if you do $200 or more in damage to any government-owned property. You’re likely not going to be able to quantify just how much damage you’ve done in dollars after an accident, so it’s best to call police anyway and let them decide whether to file a report. If they don’t file one, there’s a report form you can file yourself.

What if There’s Little Damage and No Injuries?

Technically you don’t need to call police to the scene if there’s obviously little damage and no one’s been injured. However, again, you don’t know what the value of the damage really is unless you happen to work as an insurance adjuster.

Also, keep in mind that injuries from accidents don’t always show up right away. The adrenaline rush from the accident can make you feel a lot better than you really are. It isn’t until several hours later, or even later in the week, until the bumps and bruises start to show. You could find that your back or neck have begun to hurt. In that case, you would need the police report should you end up pursuing compensation in court.

If you’ve been injured or need to seek more compensation for damage from an accident, contact Eisenberg Law Offices at (608) 256-8356. Just because you felt fine right after the accident doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to receive proper compensation.