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Back Injuries After A Vehicle Accident | Car Crash Injury

Back Injuries Are Common After A Vehicle Accident

Most of the time, a vehicle accident comes as a surprise. In the grip of the adrenaline rush that follows, it’s not uncommon for accident victims to feel fine and, as a result, spend more time worrying about the damage to the cars than the damage to their bodies. But once that adrenaline wears off, even the most minor of accidents can leave a person in pain. Some of the most common car accident injuries occur to the back and they can completely upend your life.

Dangerous Back Injuries

Back injuries range from mild to severe and from temporary to permanent. The most common back injury is bruising, but the more worrisome injuries all relate to the spine and include:

  • Spinal Cord Injuries. The force of a car accident can lead to bruising of the spinal cord, which is usually temporary. More serious injuries to the spinal cord are lacerations and even severing of the spinal card, which could cause severe injury or even paralysis.
  • Fractures. Compression fractures of the spine are common in vehicle accidents due to the force of the crash counteracted by the restraint of the seatbelt.
  • Disc Injuries. Car accidents can cause herniated discs, which can cause nerve pain and damage in addition to back pain.

Warning Signs of a Back Injury

Back injuries are insidious, sometimes not showing up until days or weeks after the accident. In the case of disc or nerve damage, your back may not even hurt. No one experiences injury in the same way, which is why you should always consult a doctor after an accident, if only to get a clean bill of health. Waiting may only make the injury worse. Warning signs of a back injury include:

  • Pain in the back, shoulders, and/or neck.
  • Numbness or tingling on your skin or in your extremities.
  • Lack of mobility or motion.
  • Red or inflamed areas.
  • Bumps or raised areas under the skin.

Don’t Let a Back Injury Ruin Your Life

Recovering after a vehicle accident takes time.  The more severe the accident and the more serious the injury, the longer the recovery. This can mean time off from work and sometimes even losing your job if you can no longer do the same type of work. It is not the time to grin and bear it or hope for the best. Instead, consult an Eisenberg Law car accident attorney for advice and guidance. It’s possible to recover compensation for your injuries, which can help you better manage the financial impact of the accident. Once that financial stress is removed, you can focus on your recovery. Call Eisenberg Law Offices in Madison, WI at 608-256-8356 to schedule a free consultation.