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What to Bring to Your Personal Injury Legal Consultation

Personal Injury Lawyer Madison WI identifies facts to know for your case

When you suffer a personal injury, you probably know you should consult a lawyer who can help protect your rights. But the lawyer does not work magic that advances you directly from an injury to a settlement or a verdict in your favor. Your results depend on the facts of your individual case, and how those facts work to demonstrate the liability of those responsible for your injury. The attorney conducts an investigation to help bring the helpful facts forward, but you can assist immensely by being prepared before you visit.

Medical Records

After any accident, you should seek medical assistance immediately. You need to take care of yourself before you worry about anything else. Once you have the care you need, you should collect all the documentation of your diagnoses, treatment, and prognosis. This evidence is important to establishing the severity of your injuries and the damages that you are entitled to recover.

Accident Report

If you are involved in an auto accident, the police create a report of the incident. Always call the police after a car crash. Similarly, if you are injured on the property of a business, the company generally prepares paperwork that outlines the facts that led to the injury. These routine, official reports provide valuable insight into the accident and help your attorney develop your case. Further, they can serve as evidence if your case goes to trial, so giving your attorney a head start in reading official reports helps move the ball forward in case preparation.


Finally, any notes that you write down after you are injured become invaluable to your attorney. Over time, your memory of specific details will fade. It may be months or even longer before your case goes to trial, so your written account matters. It gives you something you can use to help your memory and gives your attorney a fresher understanding of what happened.

The more prepared you are when you visit your Madison WI personal injury attorney, the more he or she can do to assess your case and get you the recovery you deserve.