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Call The Police | Car Accident In Wisconsin

Do I Have To Call The Police After A No-Injury Car Accident in Wisconsin?

When a car accident results in injuries or serious property damage, drivers know to call the police. But what if the accident is minor and no one appears to be injured? Is it still necessary to call the police for “fender-benders”?

Although making the call is not required, it is recommended for your protection.

Five Circumstances That Require a Call to Police After a Car Accident

Wisconsin state law only requires police to be notified of an auto accident in five circumstances:

  1. The accident involves injuries or death.
  2. $200 or more in damages to government property occurred.
  3. $1,000 or more in damages to a vehicle or other personal property occurred.
  4. One or more vehicles requires towing from the scene.
  5. A deer or other wild animal was injured or killed in the accident.

Why It’s Smart to Call the Police After an Accident

Despite not being required, it is in your best interests to call the police after an accident, even if there were no injuries. Gauging whether or not to call the police based on injuries is a mistake; you may be injured and not know it. Some injuries are not felt right after an accident due to the adrenaline spike that occurs. Other injuries, like whiplash, don’t present themselves until a few days after the accident.

Other reasons to call the police after an accident include:

  1. Insurance claims. If you plan to pursue an insurance claim for damages after the accident, a police report may be required by your insurer. Even if it is not required, the report can help support your claim by providing additional evidence.
  2. Compensation claims. Similar to insurance claims, if you file a personal injury claim for the accident, a police report can help build your case.
  3. Dispute resolution. If there is a dispute with the other driver, a police report can be used to provide evidence of fault and responsibility.

Police reports contain details and facts about the incident. They are impartial and professional, which lends them greater credibility than witness statements in obtaining insurance coverage or winning an injury case.

Get Advice On Your Accident Case From Eisenberg Law Offices

If you have been involved in a car accident and need advice on how to file an insurance or injury claim, contact the car accident attorneys at Eisenberg Law Offices in Madison, WI. We can help you navigate the claims process and advise and represent you in an injury case, even if you did not originally file a police report after a car accident.

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