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Can You Get Compensation for a Car Accident as a Passenger?

Passengers in a car accident are entitled to recover damages too!

Most of what you read and hear about recovering damages in a car accident comes down to the drivers involved. This is important, but if you are injured as a passenger, you have a right to recover too. It can be complicated to figure out how to pursue a claim. Working with the right accident attorney can help you get the recovery you need and deserve.

Who Caused the Accident?

An immediate question you will need to answer is who is at fault. Because Wisconsin is a fault-based insurance state, the driver who caused the accident will bear the most financial responsibility for damages, including the cost of any injuries you sustain as a passenger. Using the police report prepared for the accident can help you determine who is most at fault, and provide a good starting point for recovery.

When Insurance Isn’t Enough

Depending on the extent of your injuries, you may not have enough coverage available through insurance policy limits to cover the full cost of your injuries: medical costs, lost income, and a variety of other losses you suffer after the accident. In these situations, you may need to pursue a claim through an uninsured/underinsured coverage claim. Your recovery can get expensive quickly, so your car accident attorney can help you find the best route to a full recovery from your injuries.

Why You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

The insurance companies want you to believe this is about picking up the phone, filing a claim, and finding out what they say they owe you. Insurers have an incentive to pay out as little in claims as they believe they can get away with paying. This is where your personal injury lawyer is essential. He or she knows the games and tricks insurance companies play. Instead of trusting people trying just to save money, work with an attorney who is there to represent your interests first.

Getting hurt as a vehicle passenger can be frustrating. Take control of your recovery by contacting Eisenberg Law Offices online at, or at (608)256-8356.