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Can You Get Compensation for Chiropractic Treatment After a Fall?

Can you get reimbursed for chiropractor expenses after an injury?

A common problem after a fall is a lower-back injury or other neck/spine issue. Chiropractic treatment is often used to treat these types of injuries, but because chiropractic care is still technically outside the realm of “standard” medical care, you might not realize that you can get compensation for it as part of a slip-and-fall lawsuit.

However, because the field still has a bit of controversy attached to it, you’ll need to present your case clearly and with the help of an attorney. Chiropractic care for back issues is now much more accepted in general than it was 20 or 30 years ago. More studies have been done over the years showing that the treatments can have a positive healing effect on certain types of injuries.

So if you have sustained a back injury, for example, after an accident for which you are suing someone, you can include the chiropractic treatment costs in your request for compensation.

The one issue you have to be aware of is that, while the medical establishment and many patients are slowly accepting chiropractic treatment as legitimate, not everyone does in general. You could encounter a judge or jury who are not as accepting.

This is why you need to be careful how you present your case. It must be clear that chiropractic treatment is the best course of action and that it can work for you. Otherwise, you risk the claim being diminished or the treatment not being taken seriously.

Contact Eisenberg Law Offices and speak to an attorney about how to present the case so that you have a better chance of obtaining reimbursement. You need to heal, and the court should take all of your treatment costs into consideration when awarding financial compensation.