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Charged with Possession of Child Pornography in Wisconsin?

Possession of Child Pornography is worth fighting if you have a case

A charge of possession of child pornography in Wisconsin is cause for alarm for anyone, but especially for those who claim they had nothing to do with the images despite an apparent connection. The ability to essentially contaminate a computer, or even an internet connection search history, is not a myth, and it takes a lot of investigating and legal wrangling to reach the truth.

Charges and Punishments

If convicted of possessing child pornography, you could face at least three years in prison. However, there is some leeway as the judge does not have to give you that exact sentence. Because the definition of child pornography in Wisconsin requires the child to be real (e.g., not necessarily a fictional character in a text-only story, for example) and that the charged person must have known the child was under 18, there are potential defenses.

Still, the thought of a court battle and the publicity it might generate doesn’t make the situation any easier to take, even if you know you’ll be acquitted. A good lawyer can help you deal with the process. But if you were not the one who first accessed the pornography — in other words, if pictures, for example, were found on your computer, but you have no idea how they got there — then avoiding conviction and even getting the charges dropped is crucial. You would have to show, though, that someone else had access to your computer, either physically or through hacking, or that someone else used your internet connection.

If the pornography was not computer-based (e.g., physical photographs), you’d have to show that someone else could have brought the photos to your property. It’s difficult to do that yourself. You need expert representation from an attorney who knows the potential routes that others can take to make you look like the culprit.

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