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Will My Personal Injury Case Go to Trial?

Most personal injury cases are settled before trial

The news often carries stories of personal injury lawsuits that end up in lengthy court battles. That can make potential plaintiffs wonder if their cases will end up with similar courtroom-based fates. In reality, not every case makes it to court because a large number of cases are settled before any courtroom action is possible. Many defendants offer settlements, which plaintiffs can choose to accept or decline. When to agree to a settlement and avoid court is sometimes tricky.

Why Choose Settlement?

Avoiding court and getting paid are really the main drivers behind settlements. Personal injury lawsuits can take years. Appeals, delays, stays, and other tactics can stall a lawsuit’s progress. In the meantime, the plaintiff is beset by mounting medical and legal bills. A settlement allows the injured party to receive money more quickly.

Defendants may offer settlements in order to avoid potentially larger payouts ordered by the court.

Other times the parties may agree that there is a problem and that an agreement and settlement is better than going to court. It’s better when negotiations work out, allowing the injured party to be compensated fairly without heading into a courtroom.

However, if you’ve been injured, you shouldn’t accept any settlement offer that comes your way. You need to speak with an attorney who can determine if the settlement is fair. Many initial offers, especially in cases where the defendant denies responsibility, are lower than is acceptable.

If you’re faced with a personal injury lawsuit and settlement offer, contact Eisenberg Law Offices and arrange a consultation. Proper legal representation promotes a much fairer outcome for you.