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Wrongful Death Attorney Madison WI

Common Questions About Wrongful Death

Madison Law Firm explains Wrongful Death claims

If someone you love dies because of someone else’s intentional or reckless actions, you have a cause of action for wrongful death. This may be the furthest thing from your mind, and you might want to leave the matter to the police and the criminal justice system. But in doing so, you can lose your right to recover damages from the person responsible.  The wrongful death attorneys at Eisenberg Law Offices in Madison WI

Wrongful Death vs. Murder

One critical distinction you should understand is that wrongful death and murder are entirely separate things. A murder or manslaughter charge is a criminal charge, subjecting the person to prison if convicted. Wrongful death, on the other hand, exists to allow the family of the person killed to collect damages based on your losses when the person dies. This can include lost wages, loss of consortium, loss of support, and the loss of the value of what that person did around the house. It exists to make you financially whole when you lose someone you love and depend on. Because the kind of charge differs so much, the standard of proof changes, with wrongful death far easier to prove than murder.

Defining Wrongful Death Damages

If you lose someone you love, no amount of money can make you whole again. But a wrongful death action can help with your direct economic losses. A wrongful death verdict seeks to replace the financial losses, allowing you to focus on your mental and emotional needs.

A wrongful death action can be emotionally or mentally draining. You may not want to think about what happened to the person you loved, but you still need to protect your legal rights and your financial well-being. You do not have to struggle without help for your financial condition. Come to Eisenberg Law Offices for help with your wrongful death suit so you can move forward.