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dog bites personal injury

Understanding Dog Bites & Attacks: Statistics & Facts

Dog Bites – Madison Personal Injury Attorney explains the Risks

Many Americans, in Wisconsin and everywhere else, love dogs. But unfortunately, these beloved animals can also cause serious harm from dog bite injuries. Understanding the risks they pose, and how to avoid them, is critical to protecting yourself and your loved ones.

Dog Bites by the Numbers

There are almost 90 million dogs in the United States. While not all of them attack, dogs present a risk of harm to people. Dogs bite approximately 4.5 million people each year. The vast majority of these do not cause harm. Even so, about 300,000 emergency room visits each year are related to dog bites, and 100,000 actually require emergency care.

Some dogs carry reputations for being more dangerous than others, and in fact larger, stronger dogs tend to be the most deadly. Over 74% of deaths caused by dogs come from pit bulls and rottweilers. More than half of all dog bites come from familiar dogs.

Harm from Dog Bites

A dog bite does not have to be fatal, or even overly vicious, to cause significant problems. If you have been bitten by a dog, you may be at risk for any of the following:

  • infections
  • rabies
  • MRSA
  • tetanus
  • pasteurella

Left untreated, any of these conditions can create serious health issues. In fact, the CDC estimates that about 18% of all dog bites become infected.

Wisconsin Dog Bite Liability

Wisconsin law creates liability for the owners of dogs that bite. The owner is liable for all damage the dog causes even if he or she did not know that the dog was dangerous. If the dog has bitten someone previously, the damages are doubled. Dogs are dangerous animals if you do not take care around them, and you should always be cautious when you see a dog approach. Be careful, but if you are attacked, Eisenberg Law Offices can help with your personal injury claim.