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motorcycle accidents

Common Road Hazards That Cause Motorcycle Accidents

Watch out for these road hazzards when riding your motorcycle

Motorcyclists often face more danger on the road than drivers in cars and trucks. Your vehicle doesn’t offer you protection, leaving you vulnerable in an accident. A crash doesn’t just come from running into other drivers. Many road hazards put you in trouble every day. If unmanaged road conditions lead to your injuries, you may be entitled to damages after your motorcycle accident.

Road Obstructions

Because a motorcycle only has two tires on the road, it becomes harder to recover from hitting an obstacle. This might include items falling out of a truck in front of you or loose debris on the road. If you hit an object, you can easily lose control and crash. You have a duty to pay attention, but if something springs up suddenly because someone dropped a item in front of you, you can sue for damages.

Sources of Sliding

Similarly, it is easier in a motorcycle to be injured after sliding on a slick place in the road. This can include ice, oil, or even loose rocks on the road. Once you start a skid on a motorcycle, it can be hard to pull out of it, and the damage is probably done. If you can’t anticipate what you hit, and if someone else’s negligence created the hazard for you, you are entitled to recover damages for your accident.


Finally, sometimes changes in how a road is managed can cause problems. A traffic pattern that changes without warning can cause chaos for motorcycle drivers. This might mean a lane closing, or a lane raised enough to make you crash when you try to move over for another vehicle. In either case, mismanaging the road service can lead to serious injuries and property damage.

If you get into a motorcycle accident due to road hazards you can’t avoid, your motorcycle and your body can take a beating. Look to the experienced personal accident attorneys at Eisenberg Law Offices to get the recovery you deserve.  Contact us today, online at or at (608)256-8356.