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Contact A Criminal Attorney After Drunk Driving Arrest

Contact A Criminal Attorney In Madison WI To Calm Your Three Biggest Fears After A Drunk Driving Arrest

Driving under the influence, whether you are a little “buzzed” or barely able to stand up, is a serious offense that can have deadly results if you have an accident. The police can stop any car where the driver exhibits erratic driving behavior and if the officers suspect you are drunk or high, they can request that you take a breath or blood test, to confirm your blood alcohol level and whether you are impaired to drive. If you have been stopped and charged with drunk driving, you should contact Eisenberg Law Offices, criminal attorneys in Madison, WI to answer your questions about the three biggest fears you may have after a drunk driving arrest.

Three Concerns After A Drunk Driving Arrest

  1. Your first concern may be whether you lose your license and will you go to jail. Working with a good criminal attorney, you should be able to retain your driving privileges for work. Losing your license can seriously impact your ability to earn a living if you live in an area where no public transportation is available. Act quickly to contact a lawyer and get things in motion.
  2. Your next concern may be about how much a drunk driving conviction will cost you. Having a DUI, or as it is called in Wisconsin an OWI (Operating While under the Influence), subjects you to a wide range of fines, court costs, legal fees, and increased insurance rates. A current commercial by the Ad Council estimates the cost of an OWI conviction is over $10,000! By working with a criminal attorney who is experienced in drunk driving cases, you may be able to minimize those costs.
  3. Another pressing concern is whether a drunk driving conviction will appear on your record. Under Wisconsin law, the first arrest is a civil offense that can result in a ticket for driving under the influence and one for violating the prohibited alcohol content law. If you are convicted, you can still lose your license, be fined, and have to attend a mandatory drug and alcohol assessment (AODA) and drunk driving classes, but you can’t go to jail. You will still have a permanent record that can affect your insurance rates and possibly your ability to obtain certain types of jobs.

Seek A Criminal Attorney In Madison, WI

It is always in your best interest to seek legal counsel after a drunk driving charge, as a good attorney can help you save your driver’s license, your savings account, and your record. Keep in mind, however, that drunk driving is a serious offense.

For help after a drunk driving arrest, contact an experienced criminal attorney in Madison, WI at Eisenberg Law by calling 608-256-8356.