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Contact Law Firms In Madison WI For OWI Defense Of Minors

Consult Law Firms In Madison, WI Right Away If Your Teen Is Arrested For OWI In Wisconsin

It’s one of every parent’s worst nightmares: receiving a call from the police department stating that your teen has been arrested for drinking and driving. You may be wondering what to do, who to call, whether or not you need an attorney, does this mean your child will have an arrest record? Law firms in Madison, WI can help you navigate this trying time. Don’t hesitate to contact a law firm that handles drunk driving cases right away, if your child has been detained by police.

The Law Is Different For Minors
The first thing you should know is that Wisconsin law is actually stricter on minors who are Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) than it is on those who are over 21. A minor can be arrested for having any amount of alcohol in their system, regardless of their Blood Alcohol Level (BAC).

Appropriate legal representation can make a difference in how the case is handled and the outcome achieved.

Advice For Speaking With A Defense Attorney

  1. Find Legal Representation In The Same State Where Your Child Was Arrested. Drunk driving laws vary from state to state. Having a local defense attorney ensures familiarity with state laws and can help you build a stronger defense case.
  2. Be Honest. Your defense attorney must have a full understanding of the situation and the circumstances leading up to the arrest in order to build an effective defense. There are many reasons why a child may be intoxicated. Don’t try to hide the truth in the hopes of making the situation appear to be less damaging than it already is.
  3. Consult Law Firms In Madison, WI. Especially firms that have experience successfully defending minors against OWI charges. These firms are experienced with these cases, defenses, and are your best chance at mitigating penalties or getting the charges dismissed.

Consult Law Firms In Madison, WI To Build A Defense

There are potentially many extenuating circumstances that could result in an OWI charge for teens. That also means there are many potential defenses to the charges. For your best chance at clearing your child’s name or minimizing fines and penalties, consult a defense attorney at Madison’s Eisenberg Law Offices.

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