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Can a Video Help Win Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

Personal Injury Attorney in Madison WI recommends using Video

When you go to trial for a personal injury lawsuit, you need to prove your case to a jury of your peers, a group of people who were not there and don’t know you, but now will have to determine the value of your case. When you find the right personal injury attorney in Madison WI, he or she can introduce video evidence to help bridge that information gap.

Videos to Show What Happened

If someone captured the events in which you were injured, the video can present a powerful piece of evidence for you by placing the jury in the moment it occurred. And even if direct video is not available, a recreation of the moment can give the jury a visual to augment your testimony.

You need to be careful here, as a defendant can also use surveillance footage to try to show your own negligence played a part. You need to review any footage you or the defendant plans to use to make sure it properly represents what happened.

Background and Current Condition

Your everyday life after an injury plays a part in the damages to which you are entitled. Sometimes your personal injury lawyer can help you develop video evidence of how your injuries affect you every day. Difficulties you experience at work and at home provide some of the damages you can recover.

In a wrongful death, video of the person who died can also give a more immediate sense to the jury of the life lost. If you put a face on the loss, that personal touch gives them a greater point of connection.


Before you can introduce any video evidence, though, your personal injury attorney needs the judge to admit it. To do so, you must show the video is authentic and relevant, and that the relevance substantially outweighs any prejudice to the defendant. Your attorney will help ensure the video meets these criteria. Working with Eisenberg Law Offices, you will find the best personal injury attorney Madison WI offers for taking the time to understand you and present your case effectively.