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Dangers on Rural Roads in Wisconsin

Car accidents on Wisconsin’s rural roads

When you think of driving accidents, you likely worry about interstate highways. On a sheer volume and velocity basis, this makes sense. Still, rural roads create dangers very different from what you see on main roads and highways. If you or other drivers aren’t careful, you can find yourself in accidents more damaging than in the areas you might expect.

Less Room to Maneuver

Rural roads tend to be two-lane roads, giving you less room for error if you need to adjust quickly. Those lanes tend to be narrower than those on main highways, and come with twists and turns you would not expect elsewhere. Put it all together, and you have much more potential for trouble than you might have on the interstate. If you or another driver is going too quickly, hit an ice patch, or have an animal wander into the road, these conditions limit your ability to maneuver around the danger.

Unfamiliar Territory

Rural roads give further complications when you aren’t in an area in which you typically drive. You’ll find the lighting more sparse and the turns more severe. Whereas on a highway you have signs and markings letting you know where you are most of the time, here you may get lost easily. This creates distractions and stress that lead to driving errors.

Harder to Get Help

If you are in an accident, timely treatment for injuries makes a big difference. On a rural road, you will usually be farther away from a hospital or a police patrol, costing you time that you don’t have. These accidents will often create more problems simply because you are so removed from potential help.

Accidents don’t just occur on busy highways. If you have been injured on a rural road due to someone else’s negligent driving, you should be able to count on excellent legal representation for your claims. Contact Eisenberg Law Offices online or at (608)256-8356 to learn how we can get you the recovery you deserve.