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Defending Against a Disorderly Conduct with a Firearm Charge in Wisconsin

Possession of a firearm can increase the charges when arrested for disorderly conduct

You can be arrested for disorderly conduct in Wisconsin for a wide variety of conduct, in public or in your home. While this by itself can bring serious consequences, those consequences can increase if you have a dangerous weapon with you at the time. You will want to consult an experienced attorney right away if you are facing these charges.

Disorderly Conduct in Wisconsin

Disorderly conduct with a firearm does not exist as a single charge in Wisconsin. Instead, a weapons charge serves as an add-on when you have a weapon if you are arrested for disorderly conduct.

A disorderly conduct charge can occur when you are loud, violent, profane, abusive, or commit other acts that can cause a disruption. You can be charged when you are at home in a loud argument or in public making a scene. If someone complains about your behavior, you risk being arrested for your conduct.

Disorderly conduct in Wisconsin is a class B misdemeanor, with a penalty of up to a $1,000 fine and up to 90 days in jail. But the penalties increase when you bring a weapon into the situation.

Adding a Weapons Charge

When you have a dangerous weapon with you at the time of your disorderly conduct arrest, you are subject to jail time of six months. The weapon can be any dangerous weapon: a firearm, a knife, or even a hammer.

Defending Against the Charges

The breadth of conduct that can subject you to these charges, both for the disorderly conduct itself and for the added weapon penalty, means that you need strong legal representation to help with your defense. Eisenberg Law Offices brings years of experience in criminal law to your case. We will take the time to understand your specific circumstances and provide you with the best defense you can get.