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Driving Safely in Foggy Conditions

Madison Accident Attorneys give Advice for driving in foggy conditions

Wisconsin gives its drivers a multitude of weather problems. You might deal with snow, rain, sleet, and black ice all in the same week. With all these impediments in your commute, it can be easy to forget the perils that fog creates. Your visibility can drop dramatically in foggy weather, rendering your morning drive treacherous if you don’t respect the weather. Madison accident attorneys give advice for how you should adjust to foggy conditions to help keep you and your fellow motorists safe.

Slow Down

The most important thing you do to adjust for foggy conditions may be to slow down. The state sets speed limits based on optimal driving conditions. When you can’t see as far ahead of your vehicle as you normally can, you need to reduce your speed to account for less reaction time for those ahead of you.

On the other hand, you may be tempted to stop your car if visibility gets very bad. This can create more problems, because other drivers may not see you stop until they are too close to react in time. Pulling over often does more to cause accidents in foggy weather than to avoid them.

Adjust Your Sight Lines

Many drivers use the right and center lines to guide themselves down the road. While this works well if you see ahead of your car, you should focus on the right line to guide you during times of low visibility. This helps you avoid drifting across the center line.

Similarly, you should adjust your light usage. If you do not have daytime lights on your vehicle, be sure to turn your lights on for the drive, so others can see you. And while high beams can improve visibility in the dark, they tend to make the light reflect back into your eyes in the fog. Stick to your low beams to be safe.

Pay Attention

Distracted driving causes problems in ideal weather. Fog only magnifies the problems. Keep your eyes on the road to protect yourself. And if another driver causes an accident for you, contact Eisenberg Law Offices for experienced, effective legal representation.