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arrested in Wisconsin

Do I Really Need a Lawyer if I Was Arrested for Something I Didn’t Do?

Don’t take chances with your future, get the help of an experience criminal defense attorney

Being arrested for a crime you definitely did not commit is shocking and alarming — yet there’s a tendency for some to think there will be no problem getting the charges dropped. This overconfidence can extend to the judicial process, in which the accused decides a lawyer isn’t necessary. Unfortunately, in Wisconsin, as in other states, it’s possible to be convicted for a crime you actually didn’t commit. Because this risk is real, you need to have a lawyer help you get the charges dropped or help you get acquitted.

Your vs. Their Perception

It’s obvious to you that you didn’t commit the crime; you weren’t at the scene of the crime, you look different from the the person in police sketches or security video, or you have some other irrefutable proof that you’re innocent. None of that matters if the court and jury don’t listen. There could be several witnesses who mistakenly identify you because of your clothes or build. You could have committed a similar crime in the past, making you a more likely suspect in the eyes of law enforcement.

You can’t get complacent. Even if you have absolute proof you couldn’t have committed the crime, you need legal representation from lawyers who know how the court system works and who can seek out the type of proof that will work in court. This is especially true if you had answered any police questions before being arrested. You may have said something that could be used in court against you, in which case a lawyer is necessary to try to undo the damage.

Simply knowing you are innocent isn’t enough. If you have been accused of or arrested for a crime you didn’t commit, contact Eisenberg Law Offices at (608) 256-8356. Never assume you’ll be able to clear up the situation yourself as you could make things worse.