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How to Work With Your Insurance Company After a Car Accident

Steps to take with your insurance company after a car accident

It’s normal to feel flustered after a car accident, and it’s wonderful when your insurance company steps up and helps you. But it’s unfortunately all too common for an insurance company to be uncooperative or for the process to seem so overwhelming that you don’t know where to start. Here’s how to deal with the post-accident process.

1. Get Everyone’s Information and Call Appropriate Authorities

If someone’s been hurt, you need to call paramedics right away. You should also always call the police to report the accident even if no one has been hurt; a police report can help your case when you seek full reimbursement from an insurance company.

Trade information with the other parties involved: your insurance company information, contact information, driver’s license numbers, vehicle information, license plate numbers, location information, and police information. Take pictures of the scene and vehicles if you can.

2. Call Your Insurance Agent

Once you’ve gotten everyone’s information, call your insurance agent. Try to talk to the actual agent instead of a general customer service line for the insurance company. Your agent will tell you who else you need to call.

3. Keep Records of Everything

While your insurance agent should be the one to contact the other party’s insurance company, you should still keep copies of everything. Keep a log of calls you make, even quick ones to repair shops to ask about repairs.

4. Review Your Policy and Arrange for a Rental Car

Assuming any injuries are not severe enough to prevent you from driving, you’ll need a rental car. Review your policy to see what’s covered and what the reimbursement schedule is like. If you don’t have specific rental car coverage, ask your agent what your options are.

After that, you’ll have the car repaired and continue with any medical treatment you need. If the insurance company that is supposed to pay for this does not want to reimburse you for the full cost, contact a lawyer at Eisenberg Law Offices at (608) 256-8356 to speak with an attorney.