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Do You Need an Attorney after Your Child’s Juvenile Arrest?

A Juvenile arrest in Wisconsin is serious business; get the help you need

If your child has been arrested, you undoubtedly have questions. The juvenile justice system in Wisconsin is complicated, and the impact on your child is real. Whether he or she is tried as an adult or a juvenile, you do not want to go it alone. Finding the right attorney is critical to your child’s present and future.

How a Juvenile Arrest Affects Your Child

First, even though juvenile records are sealed, your child still faces significant consequences when he or she is arrested and charged with a crime. These include lost school time, ostracizing by friends, and of course the potential loss of their freedom and future employment opportunities.

Further, a juvenile arrest is seldom the end of the story. Among those arrested as youths, the Wisconsin Office of Children’s Mental Health has found that 63% of those arrested before the age of 18 return to corrections within two years after they are released. The effects of incarceration remain with them well after they regain their freedom.

Why You Need an Attorney in Juvenile court

With these real consequences, you should never try to work without an attorney when your child is arrested. In fact, if your child is under 15, the state requires the child to have an attorney at juvenile hearings. This can be an attorney assigned by the court, but as the parent, you have the right to hire an attorney to represent your child’s interests.

Whether required by law or not, you should always have an experienced juvenile law attorney representing your child. That attorney understands the juvenile justice system better than you ever will. He or she can defend the case, help mitigate or avoid any incarceration, and protect your child’s rights at a time that is critical to his or her development. To get the legal help your child needs, contact Eisenberg Law Offices today, at or at (608)256-8356.