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pedestrian safety

Staying Safe as a Pedestrian

Knowing these simple tips could keep you safe as a pedestrian

A simple walk around the neighborhood or to the store is a nice way to get some sunshine and exercise. However, it also holds the potential for accidents. Whether the trouble is from cars hitting people or tripping on a sidewalk, that simple stroll can lead to a lot of problems if you and others aren’t careful. Pedestrian accidents are very common, and when you go outside, you need to follow guidelines designed to reduce your chances of being hurt.

Pay Attention to your surroundings

Situational awareness helps you spot issues before they become full-fledged accidents. When you walk, don’t let your mind drift; while walking is a perfect companion activity to thinking, you still need to look at where you’re going, spot uneven pavement, and look for cars, bikes, and scooters. If you can, avoid wearing headphones; music may help with exercise in general, but when you walk outdoors near any type of traffic, you can easily miss cues from an oncoming bike or car.

When you cross a street or alleyway, follow the old left-right-left advice and look three times before you cross. The first left look shows you what’s coming up in the lane next to you, the right look shows you where oncoming traffic may be, and the second left look lets you see if a car has appeared as you were looking right.

Don’t Forget Indoor Walking Safety, Either

Walking indoors — not just on a track but anywhere in your house or a store — can be just as tricky, believe it or not. You can trip or bump into furniture; in a store or even in your own kitchen, you can slip on water that spilled on the floor and that wasn’t properly cleaned up.

While many walking-related accidents may be minor, some can be quite serious. If you’ve suffered an injury due to another person’s negligence, such as an inattentive driver not stopping in time as you cross the street, contact Eisenberg Law Offices at 608-256-8356. Get the compensation you deserve.