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documenting personal injury expenses

Documenting Expenses in Personal Injury Claims

Injured in an Accident? Be sure to document your expenses

Accidents are traumatic, and insurance companies and medical professionals are trained to treat you very gently in the aftermath. However, while it is important for you to take time to recover, you or someone you trust should be careful to document all aspects of the accident, from damage to lingering medical issues. Without documentation, you could find that your accident leaves a lasting mark on not only you, but your finances

Why You Need Documentation

Documentation is necessary to prove to both insurance companies, and possibly to a court if the case goes there, that your injuries and financial claims are as serious as you’ve described. If you claim that your neck has constantly hurt since a car accident, for example, but you can’t produce documentation of a doctor’s visit that confirmed the injury, the insurance companies involved might doubt your claim and refuse to pay.

Sample Documents

Some of the documentation that you need to gather should be obvious — repair receipts, pictures of car damage, medical bills and records from all related visits. You should also keep receipts and document all other out-of-pocket expenses that you incur. For example, if your injuries have prevented you from driving, and you had to take a cab or ride-sharing service to your doctor, you should document those trips as your damages could include the mileage or fares. You should also keep documentation that you had to be away from work or that you used up your sick and vacation time and had to take days off unpaid.

It’s best to consult a lawyer about your accident; if nothing else, you’ll at least get confirmation of whether you’ve done all that you could do. But if there are hints the case may end up in court, or if one of the insurance companies appears to be stalling, a lawyer at Eisenberg Law Offices can represent your interests and help you get the best outcome possible.