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Domestic Violence Investigations In Wisconsin

The Complexities of Domestic Violence Investigations in Wisconsin

Domestic violence makes the news all too frequent. While we may see splashy headlines or an overabundance of reporting on cases involving high-profile individuals, we rarely hear much about the investigation and the ultimate resolution of these cases. That is because these types of cases can be challenging to investigate.

The Challenges of Investigating

Like all criminal complaints, an accusation is taken seriously by law enforcement and must be investigated, even if the accuser tries to withdraw the complaint. Officers must follow certain rules and protocols upon receiving the complaint, particularly because of the risk involved in allowing the two individuals to get back together too quickly after the incident. Even if the individuals say they want to get back together or the accuser wants to drop the charges, there is always the chance of the situation escalating again to an even more dangerous level once officers leave the premises.

In Wisconsin, there does not need to be evidence of physical injury to be charged with this crime. In some cases, both parties may have injuries making it difficult to identify who is the victim and who is the perpetrator. This is another area of complexity in domestic situations that requires officers to conduct a thorough investigation.

Finally, domestic violence is a broad category in Wisconsin. The charges may stem from physical violence that causes pain and/or injury, sexual assault, or even verbal threats that create a sense of fear in the victim. This very large category of criminal behaviors makes it crucial for investigators to take their time and be absolutely thorough in their investigation. Unfortunately, it also causes investigations to last longer.

Domestic Violence Charges Disrupt Lives

All of these complexities can create a sense of limbo for the accused. In many cases, they will be under a restraining order until the investigation has been closed and their name cleared. That means they can’t even go home while they wait. This can impact their financial situation if they need to pay for another place to live and may affect their job or ability to get around if they share a vehicle with their partner.

Keep in mind, that this disruption is just during the investigatory period of the charge. If you are convicted in Wisconsin, you may face fines and jail time, lose access to your home and could even lose your job and source of income.

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