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drowsy driving

Drowsy Driving Causes Car Accidents | WI Personal Injury

Drowsy Driving is a Leading Cause of Car Accidents

Inattentive and distracted driving are well-documented causes of car accidents across the country, including Wisconsin. One lesser discussed example of inattentive driving is driving when fatigued or tired. Drowsy driving is particularly dangerous because drivers are not only distracted but their response times and judgement can also be affected. Drowsy drivers may not recognize dangerous conditions or situations in time to respond, or they may be unable to respond as quickly and effectively as they would be able to if they were well-rested. The National Safety Council reports that driving while fatigued is similar to driving under the influence and can triple a driver’s risk of car accidents. Even a few seconds of inattention is enough to result in an accident.

Symptoms of Drowsy Driving

Recognizing the symptoms of drowsy driving and taking precautions is the best way to prevent fatigue from causing car accidents.

Symptoms of fatigued driving:

  • unable to keep your eyes open
  • constant yawning
  • drifting into other lanes
  • trouble remembering exit signs and town names

When you feel tired, pull over for a nap or rest, take a short walk, or visit a restaurant or area attraction to wake your brain up. If you need to drive again the next day, give yourself adequate time to sleep at least 7 hours for adults.

Personal Injury Claims from Car Accidents

When a car accident occurs due to a drowsy driver, there may be grounds for a personal injury claim. Wisconsin operates under a modified comparative negligence law which allows car accident victims to recover damages from the other driver if they are 50% of less at fault for the accident. The victim’s degree of fault will reduce the number of damages received by the same proportion. If you were at fault for 30% of the accident, the damages awarded would be reduced by 30%.

Due to this comparative negligence law, it’s always advisable to have a personal injury attorney representing you in negotiations. The personal injury attorneys at Eisenberg Law Offices help ensure our clients’ cases are appropriately investigated, and all relevant evidence is examined to determine appropriate liability and maximize claim amounts.

If you have been in a car accident where drowsiness was a factor, contact Eisenberg Law Offices at 608-256-8356 or email to arrange a free case consultation.