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Drug Possession and Related Crimes Can Also Involve Prescription Drugs


Drug Possession and Related Crimes Can Also Involve Prescription Drugs

At the Eisenberg Law Firm, we have represented clients that have been accused of a drug crimes for using or carrying prescription drugs.  Many people are not aware that prescription drugs are also illegal. Since they are legally prescribed by a doctor one would assume that possession or delivery of these substances would not have similar penalties like offenses involving marijuana or cocaine. They do and this makes it critical hire an attorney to represent you if you are accused of illegally using, caring, or selling prescription drugs.

It is Easy to Be Accused of a Prescription Drug Crime

You could be arrested and tried for –

  • Carrying a prescription that does not belong to you, even if it belongs to someone in your household.
  • Selling pills that were legally prescribed by your doctor or giving them away. For example, if you have Vicodin leftover from an accident and sell or even give it to your neighbor for help with their pain, you could be charged.
  • Lying in order to get a prescription or obtaining a prescription through fraudulent means.

Take Your Arrest Seriously

If you are arrested for a prescription drug crime, even if you unintentionally committed an illegal act, you still need to take your accusations seriously. If you are convicted of a drug crime, you will be forced to deal with the penalties which could include spending time in jail and/0r paying a hefty fine. Simultaneously, you will have a criminal record which will show up when you go to get a new job or even try to rent an apartment. This makes it critical for you to retain an attorney to represent you and ensure that your future is protected.

Hire an Attorney to Build a Case for Your Defense

We can work with you to build a strong defense for why you should not be found guilty of a prescription drug crime.

Get Legal Help Today

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