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Drunk Driving – Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Help

Caught Drunk Driving? Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Help

The state of Wisconsin has the highest drunk driving rates in the nation. In 2010 for example, there were over 44,000 cases of people driving under the influence of alcohol. The legal blood alcohol content (BAC) is .08 but decreases to .02 for the fourth offense or greater. If you are caught with a BAC above this amount, you can count on some pretty serious consequences.

In Wisconsin if you are caught driving under the influence, you will receive an OWI (operating a vehicle while intoxicated) instead of a DUI (driving while under the influence). Receiving an OWI will be significantly more stressful. You will face fines, license revocation, and jail time if it’s your second offense or greater.

Getting an OWI is something that may follow you for the rest of your life, so make sure you have the best criminal defense lawyers in Madison Wisconsin on your side. At Eisenberg Law firm, we have experienced lawyers who are ready to handle your case.

Penalties: (penalties vary on number of offenses)

Fines: Fines range from $150 to $300 for your first offense, plus court costs. Fines increase dramatically with each subsequent conviction.

Jail time:There is no jail time for the first offense. Jail time may range between 5 days and 12 years for repeat offenders.

License revocation: your license will be revoked for 6 to 9 months on a first offense. Repeat offenders may have their license revoked for 18 months to 3 years.

An OWI/DUI can be devastating; the criminal defense lawyers at Eisenberg Law Firm are here to help. If you have been charged with an OWI in Madison Wisconsin, contact the professionals at Eisenberg Law Firm today. Having a DUI/OWI on your record could affect the rest of your life. We are here to help you during this difficult time.