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Baby Seat Injuries – How Personal Injury Attorneys in Madison WI Can Help

Baby Seat Injuries: How Personal Injury Attorneys in Madison WI Can Help

Parents want to do everything to keep their children safe, but what if parents don’t know their child is in danger? 96% of parents think that their child’s car seat is installed correctly when actually 72-84% of child seats are not used properly. The types of misuse include having the wrong seat for your child’s height and weight, having loose straps on the child, or having a car seat that is expired.  However, injuries can also occur because of defects in safety seats. Personal injury attorneys in Madison WI can evaluate your case to see if a defective safety seat was at fault. Let the experienced lawyers at Eisenberg Law Firm help.


For children ages 1-13, car crashes are the leading cause of death
For children less than one year, the risk of a fatal accident is reduced by 71% when using a safety seat and 54% for children 1-4 years of age
In children ages 4-8, the risk of serious injury can be reduced by 45% with the proper use of a booster seat

Proper seat belt use is shown to reduce the risk of serious injury by 50% in older children and adults

Manufacturer defects:

What happens when the parents do everything they are supposed to do and the safety seat still isn’t very safe? This happens when the manufacturer of the safety seat has a defect with their product. Having a defective baby seat is not only scary, but can be life threatening. If an accident occurs and the child safety seat does not work like it should and there is a defect with the device, the manufacturer could be held responsible.

If you or your child were injured because of a defective safety seat, contact the professionals at Eisenberg Law Firm; a personal injury attorney in Madison WI. They will assess your case and see if you have a claim. Getting into a car accident can be very stressful, especially if a child is involved. The personal injury attorneys at Eisenberg Law can help. Don’t do this alone.