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Brain Injury Lawsuits | Traumatic Brain Injury

How Brain Injury Lawsuits Help Victims

A brain injury usually occurs as a result of trauma to the head. They are common after car accidents and sports accidents but may result from intentional acts or even simple falls. The incident may cause visible damage to the outside of the head as well as less-visible damage to the brain. Brain injuries range from mild concussions to severe brain damage that can change a person’s personality and affect the entire rest of their life.

When the injury is caused by another person’s negligence, whether intentional or unintentional, the victim should consult a Wisconsin personal injury attorney who has experience with such cases. In these situations it is possible to file a personal injury lawsuit to try and obtain compensation for the injury. That compensation can be extremely helpful, and necessary in many cases, for the victim to recover from the injury and move ahead with their life.

Brain Injuries Are Particularly Complex

The brain is the essence of who a person is. It defines their sense of self as well as their intellectual and even physical abilities. When it is damaged, so is the person and their ability to experience life. Sometimes brains don’t heal after suffering damage or injury. Sometimes the injury, even though it is in the brain, affects other parts of the body, resulting in physical as well as cognitive impairment. Particularly severe cases may be fatal or result in a coma or a permanent vegetative state. Even minor brain injuries can cause victims to experience depression, anxiety, or paranoia. Almost all brain injuries affect the victim’s life in some way, shape, or form, impacting their ability to earn a living or maintain their quality of life.

It is because of these varied and far-reaching impacts that so many people who have suffered brain trauma decide to consult a Wisconsin personal injury attorney for help. Obtaining a fair settlement from a personal injury claim can be necessary for victims to rebuild their lives.

Diagnosis and Treatment Challenges

Brain injuries are not always evident immediately after an accident and can manifest in many different ways. Victims may not even realize they have a brain injury and may feel okay after an accident. If they skip going to a doctor or don’t mention any troubling symptoms, an accurate diagnosis is made even more difficult. Even though the technology exists to make it easier to identify and diagnose brain injuries diagnosis remains challenging.

Adding to the challenge of recovery is determining the best treatment approach when brain trauma is diagnosed. Brain injuries can take weeks, months, and even years to heal, even with intensive therapy and early intervention. In some cases, a full recovery is impossible. Treatment may require long hospital stays along with years of mental and physical therapy. At times, victims require disability care and accommodations, rehab services and even in-home care. Delayed or inaccurate diagnoses can hinder treatment and recovery and make a personal injury case even more challenging to prove, but the settlements involved in these types of personal injury cases have the potential to cover the costs of these treatments and care requirements.

Consult a Wisconsin Personal Injury Attorney After Brain Trauma

Brain injury cases are very different from other types of personal injury cases, which is why you want to have an attorney who is experienced in such cases helping you. These types of cases are challenging in regards to evidence collection, diagnosis, and causality and the lag time between when the accident occurs and when a diagnosis is often used to question the validity of the claim. The brain injury attorneys at Eisenberg Law are familiar with the specific legal aspects of these cases and have been very successful in representing victims and their families.

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