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Hiring an OWI Lawyer | Questions For Wisconsin OWI Lawyer

9 Questions to Ask Before You Hire an OWI Lawyer

Making bail after an OWI arrest in Wisconsin is just the first step in the process of fighting the charges against you. Given the state’s recent adoption of stricter OWI laws and penalties, it is more important than ever that even first-time offenders consult an OWI lawyer after their arrest. After posting bail, your next step should be to start researching OWI attorneys in Wisconsin. Not just any attorney will do in this situation. You will want to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney specializing in OWI to represent you, but this is easier said than done if you’ve never had to hire a defense attorney before now. Use the questions below to aid you in your search.

9 Questions For OWI Lawyer Interviews

Attorneys specialize in different areas of law, which is why researching attorneys is so important to finding the right attorney for your specific situation. An OWI lawyer should have experience with criminal defense of OWI, DUI, DWI, BAC, etc., in the state of Wisconsin at a bare minimum. You can learn more about an attorney’s experience and approach by asking the following questions.

  1. How long have you been a practicing criminal defense OWI lawyer?

Look for attorneys who have a proven track record in criminal defense and OWI in Wisconsin in particular.

  1. How much experience do you have handling cases like mine?

Take advantage of free case consultations to discuss the specifics of your case before hiring an attorney. During your consultation, ask about the attorney’s experience with OWI criminal defense cases that resemble your own.

  1. What do you see as my best and worst case scenarios?

A good attorney will be straight with you. They won’t sugarcoat your situation. They’ll tell you the good and the bad. So be sure to ask this question to gauge their honesty.

  1. What is your fee structure? What services are included in the fee?

The reality for most people in Wisconsin is that OWI attorney fees will influence their decision, so it’s best to be upfront before either of you invest any more time in the process.

  1. What is your familiarity and experience with the local courts?

An OWI lawyer who is familiar with your local court system, judges, and prosecutors will have the advantage of knowing what is expected of defendants and defense arguments as well as courtroom policies and procedures. This insider knowledge can be beneficial to ensuring the case moves along smoothly, and your attorney doesn’t ruffle any feathers.

  1. Can you provide references or testimonials?

Reference, testimonials, and online reviews are all excellent resources to finding the right attorney to represent you. These outside opinions provide unbiased insight into the attorney’s experience, results, approach, and communication style.

  1. How many jury trials have you been engaged in?

Some cases go to a jury trial. Some don’t. If you expect your case to go to trial, you will definitely want an attorney with trial experience representing you. You want your attorney to be cognizant of courtroom expectations and appear competent and confident in front of a judge and jury.

  1. What sort of defense strategy will you use?

Discuss your defense options and which ones the attorney expects to have the best results for you. As you speak to multiple attorneys, you can begin to compare and contrast strategies and use that information to aid your decision.

  1. What is communication like? How will we stay in contact, and how frequently will I hear from you?

You will need to work closely with your attorney leading up to and through a ruling and possibly through sentencing. Discuss how you will communicate with one another and what their availability to you will be like. Ask if you will be working with an assistant, paralegal, or another attorney on their team, so you know who to contact and when.

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