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Motor Cycle Accident Risks And Personal Injuries

The Top 7 Motor Cycle Accident Crash Risks

Once the snow melts, the lure of the open road hits and motorcycles start showing up on Wisconsin roads. Unfortunately, along with motorcycles come motor cycle accidents and personal injuries. Some accidents can be attributed to negligence, others occur for seemingly no reason.

Whether you drive a car, a truck, or a motorcycle, it’s important to be aware of motor cycle accident crash risks so you can drive defensively and do your best to prevent them and the personal injuries that come with such accidents.

7 Common Motor Cycle Crash Risks

Erratic and aggressive driving are obvious crash risks, but other less well-known risks can be equally as damaging to a motorcyclist if an accident occurs. Seven of the most common are:

  1. Gravel and Road Hazards. Road conditions are more impactful on motorcyclists than other drivers. Gravel, uneven pavement, and road debris are much more dangerous to anyone on a motorcycle than they are to people in autos and trucks. There simply isn’t the same amount of protection. Motorcyclists can lose control easier than drivers in vehicles if the roads are gravel or slippery and may suffer serious personal injuries if debris bounces off the road and hits them. Give motorcyclists extra space in suspect road conditions.
  2. Weather Conditions. Weather conditions play a role in all types of vehicle accidents, whether a motorcycle is involved or not. Even without snow or ice, wet roads can be slippery. Fog can obscure your line of sight, and puddles can hide dangers like potholes. Although you may be able to avoid serious damage or injury in a car, a motorcycle is a different story. The risk of severe personal injuries is very high in bad weather.
  3. Sudden Stops. Following cars too closely is a major risk for a motor cycle accident. If the driver in front has to slam on their brakes and the motorcycle is following too closely, they risk crashing into the back of the vehicle or in some cases, getting thrown from their bike if the front wheel locks up. Drivers of cars and motorcycles should all give each other extra space when motorcycles are on the road.
  1. Getting Hit From Behind. If motorcyclists are hit from behind, it can be deadly for them. There is no bumper or crumple zone to protect them, as there is in cars. Other drivers need to pay attention when driving behind a motorcycle and maintain a safe distance.
  2. Head-On Collisions. Head-on collisions are particularly deadly for motorcyclists. These types of accidents usually occur at high speeds which accounts for the damage they do. Never turn in front of a motorcycle unless you are certain you have the space and time to do so safely. These vehicles travel much faster than they appear to and don’t have the same stopping ability as cars and trucks.
  3. Impaired Driving. Drinking and riding is a leading cause of motor cycle accident fatalities. Drunk drivers have less control over the motorcycle, poorer judgement, and delayed responses all of which can make it harder to safely navigate road conditions and traffic, resulting in accidents and personal injuries.
  4. Drivers Don’t See Motorcyclists. The biggest risk for motorcyclists comes from other drivers. So many accidents happen simply because the vehicle driver did not see the motorcycle. Motorcycles are small and they move fast. It is very easy to miss them in your mirrors even when you are paying attention. Add in distracted driving and the risk of not noticing them increases exponentially.

Safe Roads Are Everyone’s Responsibility

All drivers have a responsibility to keep Wisconsin roads safe – for cars and motorcycles. Motorcyclists can protect themselves by learning how to safely operate their bikes and by following the rules of the road and adjusting for conditions. Other drivers can do their part by being aware of their surroundings, not engaging in distracted or risky driving habits, and giving motorcycles space when they do see them.

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