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Personal Injury Claims And Photo Evidence

Support a Personal Injury Claim With the Right Photo Evidence

Any time a personal injury claim is filed, there is a need for credible evidence. Evidence supports the claim, providing proof that the victim deserves compensation and even helping to establish the exact amount of that compensation. Reports are often presented as evidence.  Police reports, eyewitness reports, medical reports…they all play a role in advancing a claim. In the case of car accidents, photographic evidence is also crucial to supporting a personal injury claim.

Photos can show not only the aftermath of an accident and the damage done, but may also be able to help investigators determine how an accident happened and establish fault. Given the prevalence of smartphones and their built-in cameras, it’s easier than ever for anyone involved in a car accident to provide photo documentation, but the photos are only useful if they provide the right kind of evidence.

Tips For Taking Evidence Photos

Any pictures that you take in the aftermath of a car accident could potentially be used as evidence to support a personal injury claim. With that in mind, here are some tips for taking accident photos:

  • Take Photos Soon After the Accident. As soon as you are out of danger and able to, start taking photos. The sooner you start taking photos, the more accurate they will be. If you wait, there’s a chance that evidence could be moved during the clean-up or on purpose.
  • Take Time Getting the Right Shot. Don’t snap photos randomly. Take time to make sure the image is clear and in focus. Get the shot from different angles and perspectives.
  • Take a Variety of Photos. Try to capture the entire scene as well as important close-ups. General photos can help set the stage while close-up images answer specific questions, such as what caused the accident. Try to take photos that will best support your claim.

Taking Photos of Car Accidents

Photos from car accidents should clearly show the damage to your car as caused by the at-fault party. Here are some ways to show that damage:

  • Take photos of the accident location from various angles, close and far. Include pictures of accident debris.
  • Take photos of the damage done to both cars, again, from close-up and far away.
  • Take photos of any traffic signs and traffic control devices at the scene and approaching the scene.
  • Take photos of your injuries at the time of the accident. Continue taking photos of your injuries as they heal

Compensation Awards Are Possible

If you are injured in a car accident due to someone else’s actions, you may be eligible for compensation. The first step is to meet with an auto accident attorney to review your case and examine the evidence. The attorneys at Eisenberg Law Office are here to help you recover the compensation you deserve and help you recover from your accident.

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