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Five Reasons to Choose an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney


If you have been injured in a car accident, at the construction site, or through the use of a defective medical device, you need an experienced personal injury attorney on your side. You likely have many questions regarding medical bills, potential insurance claims, and lost pay. You may even be dealing with phone calls from overzealous insurance agents.
Here are five reasons to choose an experienced personal injury attorney as you recover from your incident:

  1. Familiarity with how individual insurance companies work. Each insurance company is different, but they use a variety of the same tactics. Insurance companies will pressure you and your attorney into accepting a low settlement. An experienced attorney will not be swayed by their ploys. Instead, he will be patient and authoritative, and demand that you receive fair compensation.
  2. Experience valuing claims. Likely one of your first questions will be how much compensation you may receive for your injuries. A seasoned attorney can give you a reasonable expectation based on their past cases and their understanding of the law. This can help as you deal with lowball settlement offers.
  3. A team of professionals on his side. A veteran personal injury attorney has a number of professionals available to assist with claims. These individuals can recreate accidents, examine technical elements, and determine liability. These individuals prove to be worth their weight in gold as your case progresses, especially if it heads to litigation.
  4. Experience going to trial. Many personal injury cases settle before going to trial. For that reason, some young attorneys shy away from proceeding to the courtroom. A mature personal injury attorney knows the courtroom well, and is prepared to present a polished case to the jury. He understands when it makes sense to take your case before a jury rather than settle.
  5. A full understanding of the law. Most personal injury cases involve complicated legal forms, pages of medical records, and complex procedures. You and your attorney will both be required to produce a bountiful amount of paperwork pertaining to your case. Your seasoned attorney knows exactly what records you must keep and will help you along the way.

As in most fields, experience is key! And when it comes to personal injury law, an attorney can bring in thousands of dollars in compensation simply because they know what to (and not to) do. If you have been injured in a car accident, through the use a defective medical device, or at a construction site, contact Eisenberg Law Offices online or at (608) 256-8356.