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Here’s What You Need to Ask When You See a Personal Injury Lawyer

Finding a Personal Injury Attorney in Madison WI – ask the right questions

Personal injury lawyers are known for having free initial consultations. These meetings give you a chance to discuss your case and its potential outcome without putting a dent in your budget. This prevents you from losing money on an appointment if you find out that your case wouldn’t go very far in court or you don’t like the attorney. You need to take advantage of that appointment and really make sure the attorney is the one you want to work with on your case. That means asking specific questions.

Qualifications for Your Type of Personal Injury Case

It’s easy to find out the attorney’s qualifications in general, but how much personal injury experience do they have, and how much of that focused on cases that were like yours? If you’re there to discuss a car accident and the attorney has focused mainly on slip and fall cases, ask the attorney how that experience could translate into helping a car accident case. Or, you can search until you find an attorney with a good record in car accident cases.

How the Attorney Might Approach It

Ask the attorney how they might approach your case. Do they think a settlement is more likely? Do they have any specific courses of action to help you win your case? You want to be comfortable with whatever the attorney is planning.

What Happens if You Lose?

Let’s say the worst happens, and you lose your case and don’t get an award or a settlement. Who pays for the attorney’s fees or costs? Who handles paying for the other party’s fees, if necessary? What is the risk to you if you and the attorney lose?

How Does the Attorney Handle Settlement Offers?

Settlements are very common in personal injury cases. Any offers need to go through your attorney. How would the attorney handle negotiations and approvals, and will the attorney make sure to give you the final say?

For a free consultation, contact Eisenberg Law Offices at (608) 256-8356. If you’re seeking damages for a personal injury case, you must have a good attorney on your side.