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Do I Have to Hire an Attorney in the City Where I Live?

Madison Wisconsin Attorney explains if you need to find an attorney where you live

Hiring an attorney if you live in a reasonably sized city is usually a simple matter, but for those in smaller communities, the supply of attorneys may be so limited that residents need to look elsewhere. This can create a dilemma because there is a persistent idea that people need to hire attorneys who live in the same city, or at least in an adjacent community. This is not the case, however, because an attorney who is licensed to practice in a state can practice anywhere in that state.

Transportation Issues

It’s certainly easier to work with an attorney who lives in the same city or an adjacent one because the travel time will be shorter. However, a lot of business with an attorney can be done via telephone and email. While clients would be best off meeting with an attorney in person at least a few times, many appointments do not need to be face to face.

When looking for an attorney, potential clients should concentrate on skill, experience, and cooperation, rather than proximity. It does a client no good to have an attorney who is down the street but who has little experience with the type of case in which the client is involved.

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