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How an Attorney Can Help You After You’ve Been in an Accident

A Wisconsin Personal Injury Attorney can help you after a car accident

When you think about what would happen if you were in an accident, you might think vaguely about medical treatment, missing work, and maybe hobbling around on crutches for a while. What you don’t think about are the length of time you might spend in medical treatment, including being in the hospital, about your insurance company not paying out the full amount that you’re entitled to, about the other person’s insurance not paying out at all, and more.

Being in an accident sets off a long chain of events that can really lower your quality of life even when you get the best treatment possible. Because you could encounter poor treatment, too, and because your accumulated costs could exceed insurance limits, you need to speak to an attorney to ensure that you’re being treated properly throughout your recovery and afterward.

Insurance policies, for example, have maximum payout amounts depending on the coverage that the policy holder possesses. If that doesn’t cover your medical costs, and if your health insurance won’t pay for part of the costs (e.g., because the treatment was done out of network), you could face large bills that shouldn’t be your responsibility. In this case, you need a lawyer to help you.

You could also find that you need additional treatment, such as help for post-traumatic stress disorder, or you’re having trouble getting appropriate payouts to repair or replace your car. An attorney can help you get through the maze of post-accident life. If you’ve been in an accident and are facing unpaid bills or treatment, contact Eisenberg Law Offices at (608) 256-8356. You need to concentrate on recovering, not on chasing insurance companies for payment.